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I would like to offer you some objective information about me. In the awards section below, I am providing you with the awards and credentials that I have achieved. In addition, I have included some references from past clients. Nothing speaks more loudly than a raving fan! Call me today. I would love to add you to my list of satisfied and happy clients!


  • 100% Club, Remax Real Estate

  • Bruce has received this prestigious award on numerous occasions in his career, most recently in 2006.

    January, 2007

    Bruce Shore Testimonial When we were looking for a realtor to sell and purchase a house, naturally we wanted someone who was experienced and knowledgeable. There exist many such realtors. But we were also looking for someone who would focus our attention on the important aspects of buying and selling, rather than someone who would merely tell us what (s)he thought we wanted to hear. As we wanted to buy our new house and only then put our old one on the market, it was very important at the outset to have a realistic, as opposed to a pie-in-the-sky, appraisal of our old house. Finally, and perhaps unlike some other business relationships, we felt it important to share the same temperament and values with our realtor. The field was now very narrow. Some realtors one meets at open houses hover over you, letting flow a constant stream of information that is of no interest to you at the time, making it difficult to concentrate on absorbing the feel of the house. One gets the impression that their prime motive for being there is to attract new clients to their roster. When you meet Bruce at an open house, he welcomes you warmly, invites you to ask any questions you wish, but then really does allow you to wander on your own; he stands aside until you approach him with questions. He is always soft-spoken and matter of fact. He has a diplomatic way of not downplaying some of the shortcomings of a house, and yet he does this without in the least betraying his duty as the seller's agent. Finally, we were impressed at how knowledgeable he seemed to be about the structural features of a property, and this knowledge was very useful when it came time to inspect the house we eventually bought. (We learned later that he has laboured in construction and as a renovator, and has managed numerous building projects.) It was clear that Bruce Shore was our man, and we looked forward to working with him. He gently guided us through the minefield of a house purchase. He highlighted the strong points of each property we looked at, but also gave fair representation of the weak points; all properties have at least a few, the degree of importance of each varies with the individual. He would tell us frankly if he sensed we were warming up too much to a property that he felt we might not be happy with in the end, and did this in a most sensitive way. When the time came to make an offer, we happened to be in competition with another buyer. Bruce indicated that we would get only one chance to offer, and I was impressed at how he then calmly recommended what seemed intuitively to be the most sensible strategy: make the cleanest offer possible, with as few restrictions as possible (makes sense), but to offer only as much as we thought the house was worth to us (but no less!). It's abundantly clear that Bruce is very much concerned about his clients' long-term satisfaction. There are numerous things, big and small, that can complicate the selling of one house and the purchase of another, and we had our share at both ends. And yet Bruce always had sensible advice as to how to deal with each nuisance that arose. And around the time of moving day, he offered many thoughtful services. Thanks to Bruce, we got our beautiful house almost 2 years ago, and my dear wife still mentions frequently how much she loves it. And so do I, of course!
    Reuben Kaufman

    First Time Buyers

    Thank you for all your help with our first home! You definitely made things easier and less stressful for us. I'll be sure to pass your name onto every one I know who's house hunting!
    Maria & Wayne